Adding an Item to Your Favorite List

1) On the right of an item listing, click the heart-shaped Favorite button to add the item to your default Favorite List, called Items I Love.

2) Click Add to for a menu of lists you’ve already created.

  • You can also create a new list by entering a title in the New list box.             


  • When looking at an item in search results, mouse over the item’s picture to get the Favorite and Add to buttons to appear.



  • You can also add/select your fav. Item from home page (ref scrn)



Viewing Your Favorite Lists

Sign in and click the heart at the top right of any shopsy page.

Organizing Your Favorite Lists

1) Sign in and click the heart at the top of the site.

2)Then go to the Items tab.

3)Click Create New List to enter a title as you like..