How to book a trip in operator panel?

In operator panel, operator can book a ride by selecting book trip management. First we have to select customer type, it will show 2 types of customers, one is new customer who is not registered in cabily and another is existing customer who already registered in cabily. If you choose existing customer it will ask for customer name.Once you click continue booking it will redirect to booking a trip page. Enter pickup and drop location and select trip type, there are 2 types of trips one is ride now another is ride later. Ride now is nothing but instant ride booking, Ride later is scheduling the ride for your convenient time you have to choose the date and time of your ride. For ride later you can book the ride only one hour later from your current time.Once you selected the trip type select the car category. Once all the ride details is filled, click fare estimate button it will show the approximate fare of the ride for the selected car category, if you click submit you trip will be booked successfully.

Book trip→Choose customer type→click continue booking→ Fill the ride details→ click submit

Book trip→Choose customer type→click continue booking


Fill the ride details→ click submit