How to Edit/Delete Coupon Code?

If we add the coupon code with incorrect values then we can change that using Edit/Delete option available in Action field. Either we can delete a group of coupon codes using Delete button available in top right corner or we can delete only one coupon code using delete icon in action field.

Admin Panel → Coupon Codes → Coupon Code List

1. Click on Coupon Code List. It will display list of coupons available. There you can change the status of Coupon in Status Field and we can edit the coupon using edit icon in Action field.


We can select list of coupons and can be deleted/inactivated/activated using Delete and Inactive button. Also we can do this action for only one code using delete icon.



You can select list of coupons which is to be deleted and it can be deleted using Delete button in top right of page.