How the browser bookmarklet works?

Bookmarklet allows you to add products from any websites you browsing quickly. Steps for installing bookmarklet in your browser is following.

1. The bookmarklet  link available under profile menu, once you have logged in



2. Click this link then you have to redirected to bookmarklet page. There you can find the bookmarklet button.


3. Just drag and drop it in your browser bookmark bar. Make sure your bookmarks are visible by clicking Settings > Tools > Always show Bookmarks Bar.


4. Click this bookmark if you found any good thing, when you browse other sites.Then the script opens a small popup with a form and product image without leaving your browser page.


5. Give the details and click ADD button. Now the product was added in your catalog.


6. Click the button if you want see the product in our site or just close the popup and continue your browsing.


7. Thats all. You added a product using bookmarklet.