How to add a new product from admin site?

1] Login as admin into the admin site.

2] Select the ‘Product’ module and click on ‘Add New Product’.


3] Once after clicking on ‘Add new product’ it will take into the ‘List an item page’.


Filled all the necessary credential in ‘List an item’ page. Here we have show a demo of filling up a ‘List an item’ page.






4] After clicking on ‘Preview Listing’ button it will ask to save your listing. If you want to save your listing you can click on ‘Save and Continue’ button and if you want to still edit your button you can click on ‘Edit’ button.


5] Once you will click on ‘Save and continue’ button the product will get displayed in your shop.


6] For confirmation of the same product which you just added you can see in ‘Selling product list’ module from admin site.


7] After this you can view the product in ‘Selling Product List’ page in admin site.