How to Inactive/Delete User?

Using this option we can manage the User’s account. Either it can be inactivated for some period of time or else it can be deleted permanently. You can find this option in

Admin Panel → Users → Users List

1. Click on Users List.


It will show a list of user who is all registered as a member. If you delete a particular user, then click on Delete icon in Action field.


If you want to inactivate the user for now, then click the icon on Status field.


2. There are two ways to Delete/Inactivate the User. Above mentioned scenario is to delete/inactivate one user. You can also delete, inactivate and activate a group of user using Action buttons.

Initially, you have to mark the list of User for which you have to change status.

Then you have to choose option which you have to do for those selected Users. Refer below Screen