How to list a property in renters?

Listing a property in renters is a step by step process starts from

Step 1: Basic Initial step where the host needs to select the category of his vacation rentals , accommodates capacity and city where it is located

Step 2: Next step is calendar. We have two options in calendar, one is ‘Always available’ and the other is ‘Sometimes’. During listing initially, only we can select any of the two options and it will get saved without showing the calendar at first. The calendar access will be available only after the admin approval.

Step 3: Next is Pricing. Here we can set the nightly price for our vacation rental and as well as long term price such as weekly and monthly. The booking calculation will be based on this price.

Step 4: Next is Overview. Here we give the title, summary and click on extra details to set the extra details and set the house rules too.

Step 5: Next is Photos. Here we can upload the beautiful pictures of our vacation rental to attract the guests. You can upload one by one or you can upload multiple photos.

Step 6: Next is amenities. Here we can set the amenities we have in our vacation rental such as ac’s , internet etc.

Step 7: Next is Listing info. Here we can add more details of our vacation rental like bedrooms, bathroom and set the minimum stay requirements.

Step 8. Next step is location. Here we need to give the exact address of our vacation rental which will help our guests while checking in. Click ‘Add Address’ and in location field which is powered by google results try to give the full street address, so that all subsequent fields will be automatically filled. Once it’s set, then we can use the drop icon to pinpoint at the exact location.

Step 9: Final step is cancellation policy. Here we can set the cancellation policy and the security deposit details.

Finally click ‘Save’ button, then at the left bottom ‘ List the space’ button will be generated. Click the ‘list the space’ button to send it for approval from admin.

Your listing will be live to end users/guests only after admin approval.